Lesson 11 - Genes and How They Work


Click here to download Lesson 11 textbook worksheets.

Click here to download Lesson 11 lab worksheets.

Step 1: Textbook Assignments

  • Complete Lesson 11: Chapter 15 in Connect.
  • Answer all of the multiple-choice questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Use Chapter 15 in your text to answer the questions on your textbook worksheets.
  • Ask the Science Lab Prep Room staff for the "white binder" with the answers to the textbook worksheets. These will help with the essay questions!

Step 2: Answer the following practice questions:

Lab Activities

Complete the following activities and answer the related questions on your worksheet.

Step 3: Complete Internet Activity --Transcribing and Translating DNA

Step 4: Complete parts I and II of the lab activity -- Using a Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism to Predict Bitter-Tasting Ability

Step 5: There is a video of transcription and translation at the NPR website. It's the best I've seen yet; I highly encourage you to watch it!

Step 6: View the Lesson 11 video in D2L under contents. (For copyright reasons, there is no link here.)

Step 7: Take the Lesson 11 test.

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