Algebra-based Physics I: Mechanics

Wayne Hacker
Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering
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Course Material: Shared Material:
1. General Course Material 4. Problem Bank
2. Homework Sets 5. Lecture Notes
3. Sample Exams 6. Acceptable Course Textbooks

1. General Course Material

1.1 Class Syllabus
1.2 Tentative Class Schedule
1.3 Exam Dates
1.4 Announcements

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2. Homework Sets

Exam 1 Homework Set (Math Prerequisites):

Exam 1 homework set
Exam 1 homework set solutions

Exam 2 Homework Set (Math Preliminaries):

Exam 2 homework set
Exam 2 homework set solutions

Exam 3 Homework Set (Kinematics):

Exam 3 homework set
Exam 3 homework set solutions

Exam 4 Homework Set (Newton's Laws):

Exam 4 homework set
Exam 4 homework set solutions

Exam 5 Homework Set (Work, Energy, and Momentum):

Exam 5 homework set
Exam 5 homework set solutions

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3. Sample Exams

Formula Sheet for Exams

Formula Sheet

Sample Exam 1 (Math Prerequisites):

Sample Exam 1
Solutions to Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 2 (Math Preliminaries):

Sample Exam 2
Solutions to Sample Exam 2

Sample Exam 3 (Kinematics):

Sample Exam 3
Solutions to Sample Exam 3

Sample Exam 4 (Newton's Laws):

Sample Exam 4
Solutions to Sample Exam 4

Sample Exam 5 (Work, Energy, and Momentum):

Sample Exam 5
Solutions to Sample Exam 5

Final Exam Outline:

Final Exam Outline

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4. Complete Problem Bank with Solutions

Physics 121 problem bank
Physics 121 problem bank solutions

Algebra-Based Handwritten Problems and Solutions

NOTE TO STUDENTS: I have included these problems on my website because in many cases they include a more thourough solution to the problems (i.e., more discussions, added comments, and pictures) then my LaTeXed notes. That said, they also contain more typos. They were written hastily under long stints of little or no sleep in my first semester of teaching physics. So read them at your own risk! Newton's Laws
Applications of Newton's Laws (part 1)
Applications of Newton's Laws (part 2)
Applications of Newton's Laws (part 2 - extended version)
Work and Mechanical Energy
Shear, Stress, Elasticity, and Simple Harmonic Motion
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5. Lecture Notes

See my lecture notes on my webpage for university physics. Although these are calc-based notes, there is very little calculus in them, and where appropriate, there are algebra-based versions.

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6. College Physics Textbooks

Get the cheapest addition of any of these textbooks:

Author(s) (in alphabetical order) Title:
1. Blatt 1. Principle of Physics
2. Fredrick Bueche 2. College Physics (Schaum's Outline)
3. Cutnell & Johnson 3. Physics
4. Knight, Jones & Field 4. College Physics
5. James S. Walker 5. Physics
6. Young & Geller 6. College Physics
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