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Introduction to the Website

This web site is the product of a sabbatical project I completed during the Spring 2009 semester. My goal was to collect innovative ideas from a variety of developmental reading instructors so that we could all share the best of what we were doing.

I also invested a large number of hours exploring web sites and creating class assignments and materials of my own. I did focus primarily on materials and ideas that could be applied to our lower level reading courses.

Activities are listed by topic on the left sidebar. (The Site Map lists all the materials in one place.) Red documents are for basic reading courses, Blue documents are for more advanced courses and Purple are documents that can be used at all levels.

If you would like to add any of your documents to the web site, please send them as an attachment and include your name and institution at the bottom right hand corner of your document. Please send URLs/web links to relevant websites, and a brief annotation/description of what the web site has to offer.

Ideally, this resource will continue to grow with the participation of reading teachers who are willing to share their most engaging and effective lessons and class activities.

These documents are available in the following formats: Word Document (doc), Rich Text Format (rtf), Portable Document Format (pdf), or Hypertext Metalanguage (html). Presentations may include Power Point (ppt) or other presentation formats. Click on the file format type that you want.

Html format is the best for a quick preview of content. PDFs are already formatted and ready for distribution in class. If you would like to modify the documents, use the Word doc or rtf file type.
To obtain a free version of Adobe Reader to read PDFs, click HERE. Adobe Reader Icon

Marty Frailey
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Materials may be used and distributed freely, with inclusion of appropriate citation:
©Frailey, M. 2009. Developmental Reading Resources Website. Tucson, AZ: Pima Community College, Downtown Campus. http://dtc.pima.edu/~mfrailey/DevReadingResources/Index.html.
Please include any other contributors as identified at the bottom of the final page of the document.

Last modified: September 24, 2009
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