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Spring 2015

MW 8:40-11:20am, K133 West Campus

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Registered students should check their Pima email for an email from me about this class. I usually send this email out the week before classes start.

Course Description

We study living things at the levels of organism, population, community, and ecosystem, including evolution of life, classification of organisms, survival strategies, interactions between organisms and with their environment, ecosystem structure, and human impacts upon the biosphere. [The complete course description, objectives and outline can be found at: Course Outline and Performance Objectives]

Performance Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:
1. Explain scientific theories of the origin of life and the evolution of organisms.
2. Describe schemes for classifying living organisms.
3. Explain diverse methods by which different organisms cope with their environment.
4. Explain interactions of organisms with each other and with their environments.
5. Describe how different ecosystems support diverse life forms.
6. Apply the scientific process to address human impacts upon the biosphere.

Required Text and Materials

Text: Reece, J.B., et al., 2014, Campbell Biology (custom version of 10th Edition) ISBN 13: 978-1-269-86742-9
MasteringBiology access: An access code comes with a new textbook or can be purchased separately for approximately $110 from the bookstore or Your instructor will provide you with details about getting an access code.
Labs: You will be responsible purchasing the custom-print lab manual for the course from the West Campus Bookstore.
Also Required: Use of MyPima, D2L and your PCC email account through the internet. Please do NOT use D2L email to contact me.


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