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  Bio 183 Marine Biology

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Marine Life Photo Gallery

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Degrees, Internships, and Opportunities
Marine Technology Internships
from the Marine Advanced Technology and Education (MATE) Center in Monterey, California.

Career Links
links to info on careers in marine biology, links to schools offering degrees in marine science, and more

Marine Biology Links
Course Outline and Performance Objectives
for Bio 183 Marine Biology

Links to Cool Marine Biology Websites
gathered by Bio 183 students for their website reviews

CEDO Information
learn more about the Centro de Estudios de Desiertos y Océanos website, at the UA Marine Discovery Website, or CEDO's page at the Rocky Point Times Website.

Cornell University Bioacoustics Research Program
listen to recorded marine mammal vocalizations (very cool).

Satellite Images of the Gulf of California
check out some neat images, including a bathymetry map of the Gulf and a sampling of satellite images from NASA's Visible Earth website (search on "Mexico" to get started).

Dr. Donald A. Thomson's Sea of Cortez Website
learn more about the Gulf of California and the organisms that are found there.

Marine Conservation Biology Institute
an education and research organization involved in marine protected areas, destructive fishing practices, endangered species, and more.

Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology
a very complete resource for marine biologists and ecologists.

Cool Biology Educational Animations and Movies
includes clips on hydrogen bonds and water, salt dissolving in water, and more.

The Biology of Echinoderms
includes lots of good info on echinoderms.

Encyclopedia of the National Marine Sanctuaries
photos, streaming viedo and information about over 100 marine species from the marine sanctuaries of the USA.

University of Arizona's Marine Awareness and Conservation Society

Gallery of Marine Life, Gulf of California
a photo tour of the common marine invertebrates of the Gulf of California

Photos from Past CEDO Fieldtrips--Under Construction! Try again later, please.

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