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Machine Tool Mission

Mission Goal
To be the leader in Machine Tool Technology instruction in the State of Arizona. Through high quality instruction and continuous program development, the program graduates will become assets to industrial employers and, through their contributions in the work environment, enhance the departments reputation. Instructors The program will maintain instructors with strong backgrounds in the Machine Tool Technology professions and with the ability to share that experience and expertise through skilled and motivational instructional methodology.

Through the combined efforts of the instructional team and the participation of industrial representatives, we will continuously monitor and update the course materials taught within the curriculum objectives to insure that our graduating students are armed with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the challenges of modern industrial demands.

The program will expand its efforts to support industry by:

  1. encouraging their participation on the program advisory committee which will suggest and implement further program improvements,
  2. encouraging their participation in the cooperative training program which will afford them the opportunity to work with machine tool students throughout the educational process and gain the advantage of recruiting and keeping skilled employees,
  3. developing specialized training seminars at the specific request of industry that will help them better meet customer expectations.
Email:  tsalazar@pima.edu

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